Assignment on Ethnocentrism

1.What are the many forms of ethnocentrism? Would stereotyping and egocentrism be considered as a form of ethnocentrism?

        The one form of ethnocentrism that is really prevalent in society today is genocide. Genocide is defined as the deliberate and systematic removal of a particular race. This is ethnocentrism because the start of genocide starts with the belief that your race is better than anyone else’s culture or race. That is why they go to the extreme and try to kill the whole race. Other forms of ethnocentrism are racism, nationalism/colonialism, and some forms of prejudice.  I don’t think stereotyping as a generalization is considered ethnocentrism because some forms of stereotyping does not involve putting your culture in front of another saying that it is better but rather making fun of a certain trait because it’s not the norm in your culture. On the other hand, stereotyping can lead to ethnocentrism at a more extreme level. Egocentrism would not be ethnocentrism because its means you think you are the center of all things instead of ethnocentrism which is seeing everything through the eyes of your culture.

In what manners, do you think can ethnocentrism ( a belief that one's culture or race is superior), stereotyping (making a generalized conclusion about a group), and egocentrism (feeling soperior than others) be

  This can manifest in your speech by being bias and putting underhanded comments in your speech that would get people upset. Sometimes in improvisation speeches people make this mistake because they are prejudice people by nature.
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